Real Estate

Virtual Tour Videos

Our “virtual tour” real estate videos are filmed in full 1080p HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) with high-quality cameras, lenses, and stabilizing equipment. Videos incorporate scenes that take viewers on a virtual tour of the property. The tour gives viewers a new perspective of the property, often they begin to picture what their life would be like living on that property. As a result the tour gives viewers an engaging feel as if they are actually walking through the property and can see how each room connect and interact with the property.

Our videos are broken into 5 scenes. Scene 1 is the address, Scene 2 is made of exterior establishing shots made up of aerial shots of the property and nearby recreation. Scene 3 is made up of exterior shots, yard, pool, garden, etc. Scene 4 moves into the house using stabilizing equipment to move in and out of the rooms. Scene 5 is made up of your contact info.

We offer cost effective aerial photography, and real estate photography as well. Check out our latest example!





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