Strengths of Storytelling

For some time now marketers have been moving away from traditional selling tactics of TV commercials. telling your target audience that this is a good product and they should buy it no longer works like it once did. Our attention spans have shortened, and as a society we need to see marketing in more engaging ways. A website is a great start, its explains your business, its a place to share your information with the rest of the world. But is a website enough? We think you may need a video that engages your audience with a story, a story about your business, or your product. The videos that we create do just that, they engage and inform your audience, helping them to identify with your business or what you create. These videos are most likely to be shared, liked and commented on2889871315_a32847ac75, creating a community that revolves around your web presence.

We work with your company to uncover stories about your business. While your gut reaction or tendency may be to use video to tell your customers as much as you possibly can about your business. We use video to embed information about your company in a clear engaging way. It’s not only an interesting way to get information across; it’s also more concise. It can also bring out an emotional response more easily than a practical explanation.  These stories help customers connect and identify with your business and in return, support it. Send us a message to learn more about how we can help your business grow.