We have the goal of producing quality HD films that our clients want to watch over and over. My passion started much different than the usual cinematographer. when I was much younger I began by spending a lot of my time filming BMX. Later this turned into a small business, by creating my own films, and working in advertising for companies associated with BMX. As that work progressed I began to experiment different genres such as short films, mini documentaries, and wedding films.

Working as Director of Photography for the feature film “Household Accounts” by Bill C. Davis

Through that direction I majored in film and video production while in college, and now practice my skills everyday as a teacher as well as a practicing professional.

The last big project I worked on was a indy feature film “Household Accounts.” During this project, Director, Bill C. Davis and I  put together  a crew that worked extremely well together. Much of the production was done with the crew wearing many hats, such as lighting, sound, and set design.

While currently we have been specializing in marketing and wedding films we’re looking to expand into other genres such as music, and sports. If your feeling inspired, or would like to learn more about what we can offer, fill out the contact form located on the next page, and we can begin discuss your personal project. More


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